Wednesday, November 28, 2007

48 DEGREES!!!!

Yeah, at 4:00pm! Oh well. Got couple of crazies out there!! Howie, Ray, and couple more of that group went out and braved it. My Dad and Pat went to indoor golf. Warmer, and closer to the Bar. My Dad's no dummy!! You would think some of his good sense would have rubbed off on me!? Well, some did!! I have to admit I would be out there if I did not have to watch the store. I guess P.A., Wally, Ross and some of the other 5-5-5 went to play somewhere down in southern Ohio. I think at this point golf is just a time killer until happy hour!! Can't blame them! The sun is out, but it is still cold at this point. Tomorrow looks cold, but Friday is supposed to be 40 again. Hope their right. As long as the sun is out, and the wind is not blowing it's not too bad. It's even better if you walk. Makes the 19 hole even better! I'm looking forward to a Browns victory on Sunday! I really think we have a good chance. Plus the Buckeyes really have a chance for the championship!! Should be a great football weekend again. Hope you enjoy!! See you soon!!!


Anonymous said...

Saturday's sunshine was great for putting up the Christmas lights - wonder if any brave souls ventured out on the links?? Sunday should should be warmer....but wet - Oh well, there's always next....?year?

golfmama said...

NEXT YEAR?!!! Are you crazy? Plenty of good weather yet to come!!! I don't know about the links, but plenty of work at Golf Mama's house. Time to relax and enjoy some football and food. Hope you all can do the same!!!

golfmama said...

Alright!!! Go Buckeyes!! Now all we need is a Browns victory!!!
I have a good feeling!!! (oops!)