Monday, April 14, 2014

Windy Masters Weekend.....

What is with this wind?'s been great to help dry out the course, but not so good for the game. It's like a four club wind out there...Oy! And not so good for Jeff and the crew. Just when they get all the winter debris under control.....Bam!..more twig's and limbs hit the ground. Clean up on isle 4...!
Oh assured they will get the job done.  Rock on guys...your the best!
So we hosted our annual 3 club scramble this Saturday. We headed out with only two clubs and a putter per player to challenge the course.  This takes a bit of strategy, as you need to consider hole by hole what your strengths and weakness are.  This is when you gather with your team and discuss who can help most on which holes. Sounds easy....but not always the case. In the end it makes you wonder...why do I have all these clubs in my bag that I really don't use often?  Go figure....
Hey....let's go to the Golf store and buy another new one!? Yikes. Were all guilty of it.
So the cycle goes on....This is the game of golf.

Onward to the season.  It's been a slow start again this year with the uncooperative weather, but the membership has been upbeat, and looking forward to a great year here at "the dog"!
For this I am truly grateful. You...the members are what make this club what it is.
Jeff, Dad, Jake and I thank you all!!!!

So yet another Masters tournament is finalized with Bubba sporting the coveted green jacket.
Go Bubba!  We started our own little masters pool here this year. Pick three players, and the lowest three combined scores take the pot.  It was interesting to see how all over the board people made their picks.  Most picked what we would think was the obvious....but then when we talked among ourselves...we thought,   "Wow I forgot about him!"
Stay tuned..we will post the results Monday.
See you soon!

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