Sunday, August 31, 2014


Sunday morning at the "the Dog"!  The bacon has been cooked, the 555 are out, Therese is vacuuming and I'm about ready to fall asleep. Oy!  We had a long (but excellent) day yesterday.
Jeff's 7th annual NFL bash was a great success!! 52 golfers set out in search of field goals and touchdowns in the hopes of winning the big check at the end of the round.  In the end the Cincinnati Bengals took the top spot followed by the Green Bay Packers taking second and the New Orleans Saints placing third after a 6 hole playoff  against the Washington Red Skin  It's been awhile since we had such a exciting play off.  We had a huge gallery for the entire playoff round and the banter was plentiful.  Yikes!
We started the day with continental breakfast, had dogs on the turn and ended with a tailgate party with steaks and all the fixin's.  Oy..I'm stuffed! 
Once we ate and paid out prizes, we headed out for the "Big Break" contest.  Try to hit a golf ball through a hole the size of a football from 40 yards out and break the glass.....sound easy?  Not really.
Last year we went through 144 shots before anyone succeeded.  This year Ron S. broke it twice with in 6 shots and won the $50.00 prize.  Way to go Ron!   
We still had some beer in the keg, so we sat down and relived each missed putt and each botched shot.
I think a good time was had by all.  Now we start the clean up...again..oy!  It seemed to take us a week to put up all the décor in the clubhouse and out on the course.  Jeff is very particular about this, and showed in the end.  His special touch's don't go unnoticed. From the meticulous team logos on the golf carts, to the tee markers cut from wood to resemble footballs. 
Each year gets better and better. You rock my friend!!  Keep up the good work.

Time for me to get back to work. We have a small outing this afternoon and their starting to roll in.  Their scheduled for steaks after golf and John Z is not available today. Oh No!?  Thank goodness the Buffaloians are in town.....Marcs going to cook for me. 

Have great rest of the holiday weekend all. 
Hope to see you soon!

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laurie said...

NFL Bash great time as always!!!!