Thursday, January 15, 2015

How many days........

till the chili open?  Not that many, believe it or not. Here it is the second week in January and Jeff and I both can't figure out where the time went. I know that sounds odd, but that's how the minds of golf course workers works.  Never seems to be enough time for everything.  The holidays are a blur in my mind, now its time to start thinking about the links.  In between I would like to concentrate on some football.  OH.......IO! What a treat that was.  Just what Cleveland fans needed, a shot in the arm of some class football players!!  Athletes with courage, conviction and integrity. Pay attention NFL!!
Sundays just aren't the same without a home team to root for....oh well, dare I say next year?! Yikes!!
So I settle for football pools to give me a reason to cheer and fill the void.  In between we deal the cards, wager and exchange friendly banter.  Some louder than others....but still a nice way to spend a winter Sunday afternoon.  
Jeff, Jake and I are still here during the week taking care of what needs took care of (no shortage of that!) Oy!   The latest....the pickup truck/plow. soon as the snow falls it decides to not start.
So as pictured, poor Jeff is out there in 12 degree weather trying to work some magic (that's what the truck needs, a magic wand).  Never a dull moment at "the dog".
Hope the new year has been kind to you all so far.
Think warm thoughts.
Get crack'in on those Chili recipes. How many days?

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L J said...

Ha Ha - whose butt is that falling into the truck?