Monday, October 12, 2015

Pig Roast.....

Due to technical difficulty on the part of my camera, I will not be able to post the winning teams pictures as I do after each event, and Jeff is not letting me forget it...Oy!!   Every time he walks in he reminds me.....And now he's got Jerry all worked up....Yikes!!  Come on guys....not my fault.
SORRY!!  I know you still love me....
Anyway...We had a great day for golf, and perfect pig roasting weather also.
My Uncle Harry and Tommy worked their usual magic and roasted porky to perfection once again.
Linda and Jody took care of all the rest.  Fresh and Smoked Kielbasa Kraut Potato apple sauce green beans and Linda's famous pumpkin dessert.   After "pigging" out we started the raffle and enjoyed the rest of the day. I think everyone had fun.
Next up is the Clambake this Saturday the 17th.  
Jeff and crew has the course in Excellent condition once again, and the leaves are not falling that fast yet.
This is one of the best times of  the year to get out and enjoy YOUR golf course.
Try to make time to get a round in.
Hope to see you soon.......

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