Monday, February 6, 2017

The Question is....

What's happening at "The Dog?"
A bit of everything.
I've been very lax on keeping up on my paper work, and clean up duties. As referred to in my last post, we were very busy with our Christmas project. A few more new needed state and governmental obligations were thrust upon us that needed tend to and were addressed.  Jeff also needed some catch up time with his duties and has managed to get things going for the upcoming season so he could get some much deserved "me time".  Enjoy my friend. To Quote Tina Turner ..You're simply the BEST!!
So I'm here tending to things, one of which is this blog. Though I've been behind in this venue also, I have thought of all you often. The winter has been another strange one. Four days freezing, Three above normal?!  This has given a few of our dedicated golfers the opportunity to head out on the links and shed some of the cob webs off their swing. It's always nice to see some smiling faces here in the middle of December and January if for only a few moments. Rock on all.

How about that Super Bowl?!  I was not so happy with the final score, but at least Atlanta made NE work for their title.  I guess I will always root for the underdog as I feel we are one also.
Very proud of "the Dog" and all that comes with it..good and bad.. do the best you can and we will prevail.  I believe that with Jeff, the crew and all of you we will continue to enjoy all that St. Bernard GC has to offer and continue to improve a little each year.  Here's to a prosperous and healthy 2017 for all.

May every wish you ever spoken come true, may all your sweet dreams go unbroken, may all your days be filled with laughter, may all your prayers be quickly answered.
Ti Amo

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