Sunday, October 2, 2016

ClamBake 2016

Another one on the books.....
Yesterday we hosted our annual Clambake here at "the Dog".
We put a sort of different twist this year, instead of hiring a catering company for the
bakes we decided to host it ourselves. Oy!! What a lot of work....but in the end we rocked it.
And when I say "WE"  I refer to the many people who convinced me that we could do it ourselves.
HUGE thanks to Deb H. for all her advice, schlepping,  loaning of equipment and taking care of the raffle with her nephew Andrew.  Andrew is the next up and coming Jason Day!
Keep up the good work Andy.   Deb..your the Bomb!!!
Big thanks also to Jeff B and Rich B who also Schlepped, planned and cooked the meals and help with the raffle. You guys rock!!
Of course Linda and Therse handled things in the club with their usual expertise.
Thank you girls once again.
I helped a bit, I made apple crisp for 40 from scratch. Yikes!   I never want to peel another apple for a very long time....Oy!
We also played a scramble before the bake and 24 golfers ignored the negative forecast and hit the links.  It was a beautiful day and we had a blast. The course was in terrific shape thanks to Jeff and his hard working crew.  Best Damn crew in the land!!!

Couple events left in the season. Senior opens, Pavilion party, Chili Closer.
Watch for sign up sheets in the clubhouse and watch for my e-mails.
Enjoy your day.
Go Browns!

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Browns are a bad football team with no luck and no defense.