Sunday, October 16, 2016

Pavilion Party 2016

Welcome to the first annual Pavilion Party sponsored by Leonette Flooring company and the Bancroft brothers. (with a little bit of help from Jeff and Deb).  Mother nature gave us a beautiful day, and we took advantage.  28 of us headed out for a Scramble, took a break after nine holes and enjoyed a lunch on the turn at the pavilion.  Rich fired up hot dogs, I provided chili for those who go for chili dogs and added baked beans, potato salad, a Mexican dish, a special chicken dish for Eve, cookies, muffins and of course some Libations - pop/water. After lunch was consumed we headed out for the next nine holes. Within this round we added a yellow ball challenge. For those who don't know, each team is given a yellow ball that everyone on the team has to use the ball on a given hole and not loose it. But in our case we used a Orange ball that Jeff took the time to sharpie it to look like a pumpkin.. Yikes..Needless to say it was a struggle to find it among the fall leafs that have started to fall. Oh well..go figure.  The team that came in without loosing it was awarded. (only two came back!) Once we finished the round we came back to the club house to figure out the scores, held a 50/50 raffle and settled on the porch around the fire pit for s'mores, relived each putt and cheered the Indians onto another Victory!
All in all a good day. Big thanks to all who participated and the continued support of the many events YOUR club host for you.
Couple more events left....Senior Open..Chili Closer. Watch for details.
Thanks again
Go Tribe!!!

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