Friday, March 9, 2018

Hi Everyone,
Sorry once again for the hiatus.  It has been yet another trying year for Golfmama. Not to insinuate my suffering is any worse than others,  just that it is what it is.   So without dwelling on what went wrong, lets focus on what has been fixed, and what the future brings.
Let me just start by thanking many of my friends who have been by my side and not let me slip into self loathing.   I love you all....god bless.   Fixed!
I received my last inspection and or ok from the health/building and county departments for our kitchen that was destroyed in a fire back in May.  (the day before Thanksgiving!?!) but yet done. Fixed!
My friend  Kim from Buffalo  will be in this week to help me paint and put kitchen back together...
almost Fixed....
Many projects were accomplished in 2017 (and more to come in 2018)  Fixed!
And one more..... (see picture below)
Dad and I have taken a big leap of faith in ourselves, Jeff and crew, and you the membership,
and invested in newer golf carts for "the Dog".  I kinda feel like a new Mama!!
It's been "on the list",  but these things take time.  (So once paid off... oy!)  Fixed!

So now we move on to the New Season with great enthusiasm, grand hopes, big dreams,
and a appreciation of the things accomplished. 
**  All of which would not have been possible without OUR Jeff!!! **
I can't say it are truly the BEST my FRIEND!! I am blessed to have you in my life!!

We look forward to seeing you in the new year!!
Won't be long...
Chili Open....March 24th
How may days is that???❤ Ti Amo

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