Sunday, April 15, 2018

Slow start...

Oy...this weather!?  At this moment right now, I'm so thankful the temp is above freezing!!!
Could you imagine this being snow....Yikes!!  The forecast for yesterday was to be a carbon copy of what is happening this morning.  And of course I had the Chili Open reschedule, scheduled for Saturday..!!!   My mind started to wander, and i began to think year  might the first year in my history that we never got a Chili Open in????  CRAZY!  But we lucked out.  For some unknown reason the winds shifted and gave us 4 hour window.  So 40 of us headed out and played a nine hole scramble, came in cipher scores and chowed down on Chili and other assorted goodies GOLFMAMA prepared with love for her golf course family.  After a few libations, endless banter and general teasing we settled in to watch the skies open up and bring down the rain.
A typical day at "the Dog"
For this I am truly grateful.
Like Jeff and Nikki keep reminding me...."this is our year!"
Hope you enjoy your Sunday.
Take a nap, read a book, our do what you do.
See you soon

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