Monday, March 25, 2019


Hi All,
So here we go...Another year here at  "the dog" has officially kicked off.
This is my 21st year hosting this annual event (oy! showing my age!), and the open has been going on for years before me (maybe 10 or so)  we have welcomed many seasoned members, along with many new members to St. Bernard GC.   This year was no exception.
We hosted 40 golfers this Sunday (supposed to be Saturday, but weather...yada yada yada)
for a nine hole scramble with much better weather.  Jeff and crew (17 years) worked their magic to pick up sticks and derbies to make the course enjoyable the best one can for March in northern Ohio.
You guys  ROCKED it.
Seven chili recipes were entered....along with mine.. and we all tasted, critic and consumed, with a few libations to cleanse the palate.   Yikes!  Theresa rocked the clubhouse setting up the chili bar with all the accompaniments. My cookies, cornbread, banana bread and many other contributions from members.  Thank you, Pniewski, T. Drenski, J. Lahl, E-M Nordhauss, B. Schroeder, J. Yurman, Brad O. H. Novak, K Kerns, and everyone who participated.
You truly are the ones who keep this club going year after year.
Jeff, Myself and crew work tirelessly day after day looking forward to these events, for days like this keep us coming in each day knowing we can enjoy our labors with our friends.
This is not just a job...but a labor of Love.
For this I am grateful.

* Many prayers are in my heart for healing. starting with my Dad (ron), Gene and Judy, Jim, Frank and Wilma. I know I'm missing some, so let me know through this blog and we will post and pray.

Thank you
God Bless us all
Here's to a GREAT year for ALL!!
Ti Amo!
Be one IN a Million...not one OF a Million

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