Wednesday, December 11, 2019


Hi there,
I'm back!!!
I know it's been a very long time. I apologize. Just busy, not kind of busy to blog about.
Much has gone on, and going on at the club.
Jeff and crew have done just an amazing job as usual keeping the course in great condition and trying to finishing the many problem areas that most courses at one time or another experience.
Though poor Jeff has been dealt more than his share...oy! But one by one he works his magic and handles it.  For this I am eternally grateful to you my best friend.
I have kept busy with the usual paper parade that happens this time of year, along with cleaning up the club and winterizing the porch and club.
Jeff and Dennis have helped me tremendously as usual.
Since then I turned my attention toward our annual Open House at "the Dog".
It was a great success. Many of the members stopped in trough out the day on Thursday to say hello, enjoy a libation or two, and partook in many of my culinary creations. Many a member brought a dish to share also.  As a "Ticket price" I only asked you bring a toy for our TOYS FOR TOTS campaign.  Well I must tell you....... you all came through!!!  When I called the Richfield Fire Department to come pick up the toys ,  they were AMAZED at the amount they walked into.
Lt. Jason  even said he knew this was going to push them over the edge for the record of toys collected. 
Pat your selves on the back St. Bernard Membership...your generosity is only exceeded by the size of your hearts.  TI AMO!!!
You have made Jeff  myself and the entire staff very proud.
I promise to keep up on this blog  (don't know if you noticed, but blogs are popular now)
so in a way.. for MY generation ...I'm sort of a trend setter...Oy!!  That's scary.
But really..
We wish you ALL a very Merry Christmas, Happy Holiday and look forward to
a promising NEW year!!!

Deb Jeff and the entire Staff
Buone feste e tanti auguri

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